SYST/OR 568. Applied Predictive Analytics

Department of Systems Engineering and Operations Research
George Mason University
Spring 2017
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Introduces predictive analytics with applications in engineering, business, finance, health care, and social economic areas. Topics include time series and cross-sectional data processing, data visualization, correlation, linear and multiple regressions, classification and clustering, time series decomposition, factor models and causal models, predictive modeling performance analysis, and case study. Provides a foundation of basic theory and methodology with applied examples to analyze large engineering, social, and econometric data for predictive decision making. Hands-on experiments with R will be emphasized.


Course staff

Lecture Notes: Will be made available one-day in advance on Bb
Instructor: Vadim Sokolov
Office: Engineering Building, Room 2242
Tel: 703-993-4533
TA: Bahman Pedrood (bpedrood (at)

Other Notes

Offie hours

Bahman Pedrood: Wednesday 5-7pm (at Engineering 2241)
Vadim Sokolov: Thursday 5-7pm (at Engineering 2242)


Location: Innovation Hall 105
Times: 7:20-10pm on Thursday


Grade composition: No in-class examination. Grade based entirely on participation in class, homework assigments, take-home midterm and final project.



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Final Project Data

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